Shopwide Ordering Notice

The Pin Stash

Shopwide Ordering Notice

Please note, all designs are customized artwork usually made into physical items usually using complicated processes like hand painting, hand sorting, and in general using processes much less perfected than large stores. Pin Stash will always strive for the best quality, timing and overall product that is possible. Small errors are normal for this type of small scale custom production. You are welcome to email the shop using our contact page about any questions. Here are a few FAQs answered here. Yes, all sales are final. Yes, most of the designs are artist collaborations and sold specifically on their site as well. No, I do not control any of the artist's sales or communication. As well, once your order is placed there is no guarantee that any details can be changed before shipping happens and Pin Stash is not responsible for any error in address, error in preferred items or forgotten details once an order has been placed.

Specifically related to shipping: I have added a non-physical item to the shop selection called "+ Shipping Insurance Up To $100USD". By default any orders made from my store are shipped as soon as possible via USPS First Class shipping without insurance but includes tracking on every order. Please be advised: Without this add on insurance is not guaranteed. Many shipping systems are currently overwhelmed and there is always potential for error. Insurance my be needed to redeem the value of items lots in transit. This will apply to any item ordered involving any third party company. If not received directly in hand from me an item could receive damage, be lost or have other issues arise via the third party. It is best to apply insurance to your purchase whenever possible.

You can add this non-physical "item" to your cart multiple times to cover more than $100USD value on your items purchased. Your total insurance will be covered up to the total value of the items purchased not including shipping costs.

I talk directly via email and DMs every week to many customers and I always do my best to help resolve errors and fix any problems. I will continue this as long as I am able to. Please be aware of my shop ordering notice and take precautions to limit potential for errors when possible.

All designs marked as pre-order have to go through multiple phases of production. Please allow up to 3-6 weeks once production begins during average production conditions. To create the best enamel pins possible this sometimes requires revisions and always requires quality checks. If there are any major flaws the pins will either be repaired or completely replaced during the production process. This can create delays so thank you for being patient and understanding that this is independently created art!

Thank you!